steel palisade cardiff tonypandy 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-1 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-2 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-3 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-4 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-5 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-6 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-7 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-8 2400-high-steel-palisade-rhonnda-11

Supply and installation of Steel palisade fencing in Rhonnda.

Fence type – Steel palisade
location – Tonypandy.
Height – 240000mm
Colour – Ral 5010 Blue

The installation of this fence comprises of steel palisade, it is triple pointed 3mmD section  and falls under the BS1722 requirements.

Steel palisade fencing is the industry standard deterrent. It is readily available and comes in a number of styles to suit both  the environment it is installed in, and specification of budget.

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